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You can easily print barcode labels from your Barcode Printer.

Download Barcode Printer Program Full

Download the YAYLASOFT program and install it easily by double-clicking on the downloaded file.

You can print dozens of barcode labels for free in the trial version. If you wish, you can license it immediately and make unlimited printing.

Let's Design Our Label Now..

Design of Page

Paper Name: Default

Left Space: 0

Top Space: 0

Design of Labels

Horizontally : 1 (click if multiple tags..)

Vertically : 1

Width: (horizontal length of the label in mm)

Height: (vertical length of the label in mm)

We are ready now.. You can click Print and print your label from the barcode printer.

From the Add Text section;

You can enter information such as Company name, Product name, Price, Stock Code, Description..

From the Add Image section;

You can upload the company logo or visual information about the product to the label.

Label Specific Image

Visual information that is not wanted to appear on every label, that is, specific to the relevant label only; You can select it from the Add Label Specific Image section.

If the paper did not come out properly, you should make the following settings in the Control Panel.

You must make the necessary settings in the PRINTING PREFERENCES form of the Barcode Printer.

Control Panel > Printers > (right click) on Barcode Printer > Printing Preferences

Printing Preferences settings..

1- Have the Label Dimensions been entered correctly?

First of all, the width (width) and height (length) values of the label; Arrange it according to the dimensions of the label inside the printer.

2- Check the Environment Settings..

If there is a hesitation or excessive label ejection problem when printing the label, this may be related to the following settings.

Label Sensor:

Printing Method:

Post Printing Process:

Try printing by changing the options.

If the problem persists, you should make sure that the installation driver for the printer is installed correctly and the computer recognizes this printer.


To watch on youtube..

Screenshots from the Program

We Simplify Your Workflow Processes

Product Label - Large - Illustrated

Product Label - Medium - With Picture

Product Label - Small - Horizontal

Product Label - Horizontal Barcode

Product Label - Vertical Barcode

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You can watch the training video and start designing the label you have in mind immediately.

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