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Who are We ?

As YAYLASOFT, which considers it its duty to represent its country in the world standards it deserves in software; We do not recognize any obstacles that may come our way in our goals, we put our name in front of our work and our heart like a plateau behind it.!

YAYLASOFT, a software company of the IT sector with an entrepreneurial, dynamic and idealistic vision, was established in Konya on 10.01.2003. The aim of YAYLASOFT, which adopts customer satisfaction as its basic principle and never compromises on the principle of total quality management, is to provide a broad perspective, trouble-free and high-quality software service to SMEs.

In today's world where global competition is rapidly increasing, businesses have to make the right decisions in order to maintain their existence and take their place in the world markets. Being able to make accurate decisions; It is ensured by obtaining the needed information accurately, reliably, on time and at the most affordable cost. Among the information needed by the management, the financial information is produced by the accounting service of the business, and the accounting service's ability to produce reliable information on time and at the most affordable cost is possible by taking advantage of computer technologies that have entered almost every field of business life. In order to produce information using computer technologies, first of all, quality software and technical equipment are needed to report the required information. Today, there are many accounting software developed to produce financial information. However, ensuring the speed and reliability of the information obtained from these software is possible by choosing software with Ease of Use that minimizes data entry from the keyboard.

In addition, in today's world where technology is rapidly advancing day by day, the focus of trade is on technical requirements, and sales are now more commonly made over the internet; YAYLASOFT, aware that research and development (R&D) studies have gained great importance according to the needs of the time, has its software department in Selcuk University Technology Development Zone.

  • Sectoral Programs
  • Commercial Programs
  • E-commerce Software
  • Job Tracking Programs

We Complete Our Software Projects in 4 Stages



Conducting detailed R&D studies



Making the workflow algorithm



Software coding according to workflow



Adequate testing before use

Our Goal: Customer Satisfaction

Our customers' satisfaction has been our greatest source of motivation. We increased the quality of our software and new versions; We started to offer it to our customers FREE of charge, without any time limit.

We have worked and continue to work day and night with our principle of total quality management and our vision of developing easy-to-use products.

YAYLASOFT, currently operating as Yaylasoft Software Department, Yaylasoft Dealerships throughout Turkey and Yaylasoft Virtual Store, is advancing to the top of the software world with its stable growth structure.

Our Success Story

“Thank you for seeing your customer as a solution partner. I also really like your policy of sharing new versions free of charge and unconditionally.”

Bekir Soylu

Dijital Pazarlama

“I was pleased to work with a solution-oriented and get-the-job-done mentality. Good luck in your work. Stay like this forever..”

Ersin Kılıçarslan


“It's good that you are available when I need you. By the way, your support units have improved a lot. Thank you to those who contributed.. ”

Mehmet Gümüş

Sales manager

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